Add custom events quicker with Timelines 1.6

Version 1.6 brings full compatibility with iOS 11, as well as a few enhancements:

  • Ability to export individual days (both in PDF and CSV)
  • Fixed zoom scale when enabling Statistics for the entire Year
  • Fixed positioning and shape of statistics detail button
  • A few more under-the-hood improvements

But the most important new feature, the one users were asking for for a long time, is the ability to add custom events on the timeline more easily. Up until now, you had to use the plus button and then select start date and end date on pickers. The further the event needed to be from the present moment, the more you had to spin the pickers. But not anymore, with this feature:

Adding events directly on the timeline

You can tap & hold anywhere on the timeline to add an event to this place. It takes into account how much you're zoomed in. If there are any events around, it will squeeze the new one between them. Here's a short video that shows this in action:

As always, I hope this update will improve your experience with Timelines, and if you'd find a minute to write a review on the App Store, that would be super helpful. Thanks!