Timelines 1.3 is here – Reminders, statistics snapping and more

I know it's been a while since update 1.2 shipped. But that doesn't mean I wasn't busy at work most of that time - I was! It's mostly the result of some technical challenges. Nevertheless, it's finally here. You can get the update from the App Store here.

Apart from the main feature (Reminders), version 1.3 has several useful improvements that are largely based on what users asked for. I'm personally very excited about this update and can't wait for users to get their hands on it. Without further ado, here is what's new:


Using time tracking software can be hard because it's challenging to always remember to start and stop a timer for each activity. With Reminders, I'm attempting to solve it. I've put a lot of effort into making them:

  • highly customizable
  • reliable
  • quick to use, by employing notification actions

You can learn more about them in this dedicated blog post. This is what it looks like when you receive a reminder to stop a timer and stop it right from the lock screen:

Timelines Reminders Timelines Reminders

Statistics snapping

With statistics snapping, it's much easier to understand for which interval are the statistics shown. It's also easier to navigate between intervals, because the timeline always 'snaps' to given interval, plus the interval is highlighted on the timeline itself.

Previously, there has been some confusion about for which interval are the statistics displayed. I believe that now it should be much more clear.

I realize this all might sound a bit confusing, so here is a video that should give you a pretty good idea what it's about:

I'm personally very excited about this change, and I really hope it will be welcomed by users.

Rounding in Statistics and Exports

I've been reluctant to implement rounding at first because it makes the data less accurate. But I understand that it's useful for some people and for certain scenarios. Please note, though, that this doesn't round the events themselves. This rounds only the calculated sums of event durations, at display time.

Timelines Statistics rounding settings Timelines Statistics rounding

Change start of the week

Up until now, Timelines followed the standard where weeks start on Monday. But quite a lot of users asked for the ability to change that to Sunday, so, here it is.

Change step in pickers

If you find yourself often changing the start/end times of events, it can be a bit inconvenient to scroll through each minute. In v1.3, you can now simply change the step in pickers. This works for both date pickers and duration pickers.

Other improvements

There are several under-the-hood improvements. Most notably - there is a new mechanism for calculating sums of event durations, which makes scrolling in statistics mode much smoother than before.

I really hope that you will enjoy this update. I certainly enjoyed building it, and I believe it's a big step forward. If you have a minute, please leave a review on the App Store, it really helps. Thanks for all your support!